Marina Grand Beach - Hotel by the beach in Golden Sands

Hotel Marina Grand Beach and COVID-19

Health and Safety in Hotel Marina Grand Beach! The safer choice under the same sun!

Your Safety is our priority!

Common areas:

  • We are making available disinfectants and antibacterials, we complete check lists on a periodical cleaning and disinfections on rooms and working areas.
  • All common areas and toilets of the hotel are cleaned and disinfected every hour.
  • At the entrances of restaurants, toilets, bars, reception we have placed hand sanitizers
  • For common safety we have placed protective glass at reception and on the bar.
  • We are using floor marking and signalization to ensure safe distance between people when queuing. If a large group of people forms, some of them will be kindly asked to wait outside.
  • When checking in, guests will have the option to choose whether or not hotel staff can enter their room. If they opt out of this, then the standard daily maintenance services will be performed by leaving clean towels and toiletries in front of the room, neatly packed in sanitary bags.
  • Regular disinfection on all room keycards.
  • At the pool, sunbeds and umbrellas will be placed at a safe distance from each other, and all common areas will be thoroughly disinfected every hour.
  • Sunbeds, tables and sunbed covers will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for each individual guest.


  • We have trained our staff according to the strictest health and safety requirements. All of them are equipped with safety gear /masks, gloves, goggles and shields/. We perform regular PCR tests and we measure each member of staff’s temperature at the beginning of each working day.
  • The different teams of staff have designated individual schedule for changing and breaks, thus avoiding gatherings of many people at the same time.
  • We wash, disinfect and iron staff uniforms at our own laundry facility at the hotel.

Food and drinks:

  • All delivered products and produce are packaged and carry the required documents and certificates.
  • We perform daily disinfection of our storages with protective suits, pumps, masks and specialized gear.
  • We have limited access of staff to the kitchen area and facilities.
  • All kitchenware and dishware are machine washed at high temperatures.
  • At all of our restaurants and café areas we perform regular disinfection before and after each meal.
  • We fully control the food preparation process until it is served to the guest.
  • At the restaurant we have secured safe distance between tables and chairs; individually packaged cutlery and safe procedure for accommodation of guests which avoids gatherings of many people at the same time and place.