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Sustainable Tourism


The world is changing and we have to do our best to protect the future of our travels. In the processes of planning, working out and marketing the tourist product of hotel “Marina Grand Beach” leading is the statement of the German writer Herrmann Lyons /1908/: “Our main interest in the future will no longer be, whether we could travel anywhere on this earth, but if it is at all worth to get there”. The motto of hotel "Marina Grand Beach" is one of the most popular definitions of sustainable development - "to meet the needs of the present generation without taking away opportunities and prerequisites of future generations to meet their own needs."

The vision of Hotel "Marina Grand Beach" is to make the holidays of our guests special and unforgettable whilst minimizing environmental impacts, respecting our employees, preserving and advertising local culture and contributing to the economic development of our community. To achieve its goals, the company has realized the following measures for sustainable development:

1. Energy certification of the building

In 2006 the building was certified and obtained the highest energy performance certificate - Class "A".

2. Measures to optimize the consumption of electricity and water

3. Use of e-mails as a mean of communication between employees in order to minimize the printing of official correspondence

4. Transport

5. Use of seasonal, local and organic food and beverage products

Thus eliminates not only the long transport and related with it energy costs and harmful emissions, but also stimulates the local production. Offering of seasonal local fruits and vegetables also reduces the expenses for import of such products and stimulates the local market and community.

6. Use of cleaning materials with low environmental impact - quickly and completely degradable products

7. Landscaping and entering the hotel with the surrounding landscape - planting and growing native plants to preserve nature and biodiversity

8. Social policy of the company to the employees /European funding program “On road”/and providing additional benefits to employees as food vouchers

9. Training and information for staff on hotel policy to protect the environment and reduce the harmful effects of tourism development

10. Communication with guests and their active participation in the sustainable development policy through

11. Use of dispensers for liquid soap and shampoo instead of separately packaged in small vials hotel amenities

This eco-friendly measure allows our guests to use as liquid supplies as they need, thus reducing the amount of waste generated.

12. Waste Management

The hotel separately collects and sends for recycling these types of waste - paper and paper packaging, plastic, plastic container, metal and cans, glass, glass packaging, biodegradable waste from kitchens and gardens. To reduce the quantity of generated waste most of the deliveries to the hotel are made in bulks. Wherever it is impossible the generation of waste, we prefer products in recyclable packaging.

13. Use of all-inclusive bracelets from "Tyvek" material instead of standard PVC- bracelets

This kind of bracelets are both- extremely convenient for tourists because they are as thin as paper and do not cause sweating and allergies and on the other hand they are plastic, which explains their resilience and ability to be recycled.

14. Active communication and participation in local tourism organizations

/ The Union of Owners of Hotels in Golden Sands, The Union of Hoteliers in Golden Sands /, national professional organizations /BHRA / and other associations and organizations for environmental and social development of tourism in the community.

15. Preparation of documentation for the sustainable development policy of hotel "Marina Grand Beach", which includes a vision and plan for its implementation, annual reports on the progress of the company in the sustainable tourism policy.

16. Participation in programs and projects aimed at the sustainable development of tourism, preparing for the membership in various global organizations for environmental certification and recognized international standards.


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